SharePoint solution development

Using an MS SharePoint platform, it is possible to create all kinds of solutions which will meet the needs and requirements of your particular business. We offer the development and deployment of solutions which will facilitate your work with:
  • document circulation;
  • company’s in-house processes.

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SharePoint Devices

SharePoint solution maintenance​

​​When using information systems, uninterrupted and stable performance of the systems and error-free operation of the system, its updates and new components are important to the companies.

If your company employs a solution developed based on MS SharePoint (version 2007, 2010, 2013 or SharePoint Online) or you yourself have started using this platform without attracting developers and would like to develop the existing solution or just ensure its stable operation, we offer maintenance of the solutions developed and introduced based on the MS SharePoint platform.

We offer the following:
  • study of the existing solution – to deliver you a complete process of the solution maintenance, we conduct the study of the existing solution, as a result of which we can consult you on the solution development possibilities and ensure a complete maintenance process;
  • solution maintenance – our support service agents will gladly consult and assist you in resolving all the occurred issues and uncertainty related to your solution;
  • regular and efficient technical and functional monitoring of your solution;
  • offering/consideration of possibilities to develop 

​We are proud of our ability to offer to our customers fast response time in various situations – this is possible owing to a convenient and user-friendly support portal, and always reachable and responsive support service agents.​