SharePoint solution development

Using an MS SharePoint platform, it is possible to create all kinds of solutions which will meet the needs and requirements of your particular business. We offer the development and deployment of solutions which will facilitate your work with:
  • document circulation;
  • company’s in-house processes.

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​​Contract management system​

Today companies work with various types of contracts while delivering and/or receiving various services and products, and these documents (contracts) make a relatively small part of all company's documents, and these are: contracts, attachments thereto, supplement agreements, minutes, invoices, acts and other contracts-related documents; however, correct and user-friendly contract management is important to ensure operation of any company.

It is really important to automate work with contractual documents. Automation reduces the risks related to delayed performance of contractual obligations, lessens the involved employees' burden while offering an opportunity of fast and easy administration of all information related to the scope of a contract and control over deadlines, as well as ensures financial stability.

Therefore we offer a solution which covers all the contract management stages – from contract drafting and approval to the contract execution control.​

Ieviešot risinājumu, jūs iegūsiet:

  • ātrāku un ērtāku līgumu izveidošanas un saskaņošanas vidi;
  • centralizētu līgumu reģistru;
  • visu līguma dokumentu glabāšanu, saskaņā ar jūsu noteiktajām pieejas tiesībām;
  • operatīvu līgumu meklēšanas rīku, pēc dokumenta rekvizītiem vai teksta daļas;
  • dokumentu komplektu veidošana;
  • dažāda veida pārskatu veidošana līgumu reģistra ietvaros;
  • iespēju sasaistīt līgumu un citus dokumentus.​

Fast and Easy​​​​ Contract Drafting​

In some companies, major part of contracts is standard and can be generated from the previously prepared and approved templates.

When keeping the templates in a system, end users will always have the latest version of a contract template which ensures faster approval of such contracts inside the company.

Simple and Clear ​Contract Approval Procedure

A contract approval procedure can be long and complex; it may involve a lot of people whose approval must be obtained. Considering that contract approvers are usually mid- and high-level executives, whose working pace is tense and work days are planned out by minutes, such a procedure may take up a lot of time, which, in its turn, leads to delays in execution of contracts.

An approval procedure inside the system allows all the involved employees, irrespective of their location, to coordinate and approve a contract quickly and efficiently. The contract approval procedure can be traced and monitored by responsible employees.

Contract Regi​​​stration

Registration of contracts and assigning numbers to them are performed upon completion of the approval procedure and prior to contract printout and its actual signing.

A contract number is assigned according to the criteria set in the system. The number may contain various information, such as a code of a structural unit, year, month, date, ordinal numerals and other values. If required, it is possible to use interim contract versions with interim version numbers intended for such purposes.​

Business P​​​erformance

When a contract management solution is introduced, the number of risks related to observation of document approval deadlines and timely performance of contracts drops.​​