SharePoint solution development

Using an MS SharePoint platform, it is possible to create all kinds of solutions which will meet the needs and requirements of your particular business. We offer the development and deployment of solutions which will facilitate your work with:
  • document circulation;
  • company’s in-house processes.

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​​HR management system

​Personnel is one of the most important company resources, so efficient operation of a company depends greatly on the level of efficiency of managing the processes related to the company's personnel.

Our solution provides for a faster​ and more efficient management of such processes as:

  • employee management;
  • maintenance of company’s structure;
  • management of business trips and vacations;
  • control over employees’ absence and tracing sick leaves;
  • management of annual interviews;
  • approval of exit checklists;
  • approval of job applications, staff selection; 
  • other.​​​

​Personnel Management and Company's Structure Maintenance

Management of a list of employees can be ensured in various ways:

  • manually – by adding new employees to the system;
  • integration (regular automated information update/supplementation):
    • Directory services​;
    • resource management systems (Axapta, Navision, Horizon, SAP, Hansaworld, 1C and other).

To manage the employees, the system allows adding various binding documents, e.g. certificates, CV, etc.

Maintenance of the company's structure covers a number of system processes allowing automated identification of immediate superiors and/or deputy superiors in various approval procedures.

​​Managemen​​t of Business Trips and Vacations

The solution offers such possibilities as:

  • formation and maintenance of an employees’ annual vacation plan;
  • provision of information to employees on planned vacations;
  • approval, cancellation of vacations, changes in the registered vacation dates;
  • application for and approval of additional vacations.

Management of business trips, in its turn, allows:

  • timely planning and coordination of business trips;
  • mitigation of risks related to the availability of airline tickets and hotel bookings.​
By using the system's offered features, employees will be able to review the information on their own and colleagues' vacations and business trips during various periods in a fast and convenient way.

​​Control ove​​r Employees' Absence and Tracing Sick Leaves

There can be various reasons why an employee is not at his workplace; in general, these reasons can be foreseen and notified of in advance.

Similar to vacations and business trips, this information is also helpful to plan various activities and be able to reckon with availability of the colleagues.

Tracing sick leaves, in its turn, allows employees to inform their colleagues of unplanned absence.

​​Management of Annual Interviews

Annual interviews with employees is a common process in the companies willing to assess, motivate and develop their employees in an efficient way

At such interviews an employee can express his opinion about his work and receive information from the employer on the achievements and development possibilities.

The greater the number of employees, the more time-consuming the interview process is, the larger amount of various documents and reports is being generated.

To facilitate and reduce the range of documents processed and reduce the time spent, we offer you to transfer this process to the system where all documents and reports will be stored and processed together.

Such an approach will allow the company's mid- and high-level executives to process the received information, and plan and manage meetings with the employees in a faster and more efficient way.​